How do you win? 1. Build a Cohesive Team



Inspired by recent study of Andy Stanley and Patrick Lencioni I want to help my team “win” this semester. In order to win, we need a target. Stanley and Lencioni agree on some common principles:

1. Build a Cohesive Team who is committed to the win.

2. Create Clarity. What have we come here to do?

3. Over-Communicate Clarity. Why are we doing it?

4. Reinforce clarity. How do we do it here?

We have built a cohesive team of high performing people. Our teachers are innovative, dedicated and passionate about their work. We have created a culture of thinking in Lower School by embracing design thinking and visible thinking as a way of life. Our team of teachers allow students to set their own norms for the school year rather than telling them what the rules will be. Our team of teachers set up mystery skype read alouds to give students the opportunity to interact with other children all over the world. We seek to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange.

Our teachers serve on panels and hear students express POV statements and deliver pitches for ways to make a dent in the world. Our teachers  agree to participating in Instructional Rounds to better their practice and do missionary work over Christmas break to better the world. Our team has a growth mindset.

We are a team who starts with questions, shares the well, assumes the best, fails up, and enjoys the ride. This high performing team needs extraordinary clarity about what we are doing. Increased clarity will help us accelerate organizational change. 



  1. Am following your blog now; thanks for sharing! I see in this simple outline a lot of what I found on my journeys: build (design); align (get everyone on the same page); amplify (align resources; and then communicate the heck out of it, which you all at MVP do as well as any school I have found!

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