How do you win? 2. Create Clarity

Inspired by recent study of Andy Stanley and Patrick Lencioni I want to help my team “win” this semester. In order to win, we need a target. Stanley and Lencioni agree on some common principles:

1. Build a Cohesive Team who is committed to the win.

2. Create Clarity. What have we come here to do?

3. Over-Communicate Clarity. Why are we doing it?

4. Reinforce clarity. How do we do it here?

Kiran Sethi created clarity for Riverside School in India. Let’s create some clarity at Mount Vernon.

We are building a different kind of school where we can prototype learning environments and learning experiences. We believe kids need the opportunity to engage in the world now. They need a chance to be creative and collaborative. They need a chance to practice and to fail. To try again, and to fail again. Children deserve opportunities to think and choose rather than doing what they are told.

When asked, “How do you know?” We want children to reply, “I know because I tried it. I know because I did it myself. I know because I saw it with my own eyes or felt it with my own hands.” It is not enough for a child to know because his teacher told him so.

We are not a school of obedience, we want to inspire creativity, initiative, and resourcefulness. Do we want compliant kids or self-directed kids? We want kids who will think like entrepreneurs.

How do we make school a better match the way kids naturally learn? How do we help students to have a growth mindset? “I can” learning must be embedded in real-world context. We are aware of the need to redesign school; we are able to make a difference and feel empowered to lead this charge.

Does that give you any clarity?


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