Instructional Rounds

I love that fact that we at Mount Vernon are redefining the purpose of school. Being a learning organization does not only mean that we support the learning of children as our students, we also embrace the responsibility of developing every member of our community – students, parents, teachers, neighbors, and people around the world.

We are committed to doing the hard work, taking risks, failing, reflecting on our failure, and trying again. and again. and again.

Instructional Rounds were launched in the Middle School last semester, and have begun in Lower and  Preschool this semester. This process involves a set of protocols for observing, analyzing, discussing, and understanding the instruction and learning that happens in our classrooms. We look forward to the professional conversations that will begin around these observations and reflections.

Three observers became my mirror last week during our first attempt at Instructional Rounds. Here is the reflection of the Lower School faculty meeting. I invite you to join us on the journey of the practice of Instructional Rounds.


One comment

  1. I love that you are making an institutional commitment to instructional rounds at MVP – thanks for sharing, Shelley!

    I wonder: could you share the protocols you have referenced? or perhaps direct me to a reference that you found helpful in your development process, please?

    I wonder also if you are using Lee Teitel’s approach (from Harvard GSE). I like this podcast summary:

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