What do innovators and mathematicians have in common?


Innovators explore and experiment in a climate of change. They build resilience through risk-taking and setbacks. Innovators create unique ideas with value and meaning.

What do innovators and mathematicians have in common? Everything. The math learning program that we are developing at Mount Vernon requires students to take the posture of an innovator as they see the world through a mathematical lens. Children learn mathematics by actively investigating realistic problems. Long gone are the days when teachers are the transmitters of information and students are the receivers. And long gone are the days where the algorithm is taught first by the teacher, memorized, then applied by the student.

While it may seem contrary to the model of math instruction that you or I received in elementary school, we now provide students the opportunity to engage in disequilibrium, reflect, and explore numbers. We believe that this not only builds resilience in our students but also helps them create knowledge rather than merely receive it. We inspire our young minds to solve and pose problems.


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