The Impact of Research and Design, Part II

“What innovation are you known for?” When is the last time you had to answer a question such as that one?

As representatives from Preschool through Grade 12 met together during our Social Science Research and Design meeting, we were each challenged to share an innovation that we had launched. It did not matter if the initiative had succeeded or failed, but the expectation set with that opening question was clear.

After starting with questions, our time was intentionally spent. Check out the desired outcomes of the day.

Desired Outcome 1: Stoke the vision of what our R & D could and should be.

Desired Outcome 2: Create a culture that reflects Innovator’s DNA. (Association, Observing, Questioning, Experimenting, and Networking)

Desired Outcome 3: Do something no social science educator has done before; create a new product or process.

Desired Outcome 4: Write learning outcomes that infuse mindsets, including a global mindset.

Desired Outcome 5: Create a scope and sequence for learning outcomes for 2014-15 fall and spring organized by real-world, integrated units.

Desired Outcome 6: Map your best unit including assessments for the desired learning outcomes.

Desired Outcome 7: Create proficiency scales for each one of your learning outcomes.

Desired Outcome 7: Group learning outcomes into 6 mindsets.

Desired Outcome 8: Rewrite the learning outcomes as essential questions.

Research and Design Team Members have their work cut out for them, but what exciting work!


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