Student Engagement Plan

Is there a more accurate indicator of success than student engagement?

At Mount Vernon we are charged with creating a model that systematically seeks feedback and measures attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs of students about their work, the School environment, and their participation and contribution within the School community.

Lately, our focus on instructional rounds has provided lots of teacher-to-teacher feedback. However, I am excited to launch Student Engagement Surveys this spring. Hattie, in his book Visible Learning (2009), suggests valuable learning happens when students provide teachers with feedback. Apart from noticing children’s obvious smiles or tears, how often to we really take the time to learn about our practice from our students?

Using some of the work designed by Nicole Vagle along with some mission-specific areas of focus for our school, I am trying to create a tool to measure student’s perceptions about themselves as learners. Additionally, we want to better understand student attitudes about school.

Here is the first prototype if you want to take a look. Feedback welcome!


One comment

  1. Hi,
    I’m a former colleague of Bo’s and a big fan of the work you all are doing at MVPS. The link to your prototype doesn’t seem to be working. I’d love to see what you’ve done.

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