Teacher Recruitment Practices; Thoughts from Students

At Mount Vernon we continually seek student feedback to shape our instructional and programmatic decisions. Teacher recruitment should be no exception.

In the past, I have included student interviews as part of a candidate selection process. This usually occurs in the final stages and involves students generating questions they want to know of a teacher candidate. The children record their ideas and practice initial and follow-up questions in the classroom and at home. Then, the candidate has the opportunity to engage with students as well as ask his or her own questions of the children while I observe with as little interference as possible.

After the brief interview, students are able to share with me their thoughts on the candidate’s performance in response to my guiding questions.

While I find that this a great experience for upper elementary students as well as important feedback to better inform my decision making, I had not yet figured out a way to involved our younger learners in this process. While writing a recent blog post on exit slips, however, it hit me.

All teacher candidates are required to teach a 20-30 minute lesson to a classroom of students. This year participating students will each complete an exit slip on their experience during the teacher candidate’s lesson. This is a great way to give students a voice and ensure we have all five-star hires!


One comment

  1. Shelley, I love how you are blogging your ideas, implementations, and reflections. Thank you. What a great window into the practices and professionalism of the Lower School innovation team!

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