My Notebook, Part IV

What do strengths-minded teachers do differently?

In a strengths workshop lead by Elizabeth Payne, we were challenged to produce a list of up to 10 roles we play in life and a separate list that revealed 3 things that make us come alive. Elizabeth pointed out that what we do in life is different than who we are. This was a strong opening to the meeting that got everyone thinking and reflecting.

Next we shifted focus form ourselves to our team. Elizabeth revealed that teams who are strengths-based:

  • have core values
  • discover and develop each others strengths
  • share common language
  • value the team
  • collaborate in community through engagement, investment, and commitment

4 essential elements of a team include:

  1. “We before me”
  2. connection to the larger group
  3. Open Mindedness and curiosity
  4. Positivity

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