Who is a leader? In our work with Elizabeth Payne, our strengths coach, we have learned: A leader might be defined as anyone who has responsibilities that impact others. Leaders support and serve. They read people. Leaders inspire others to follow them. They take risk. They care. They are driven by a purpose, yes/and they prioritize the greater good over individual needs.

So, what qualities make a leader effective?  Effective leaders offer stability and have earned the trust of those whom they lead. Effective leaders show compassion. They also offer security and provide hope.

We know that high performing people feel safe in their working relationships and need that security to take risks. They need to be known and understood to be happy. We must be able to separate who a person is from what they do but also know that some of our work is a direct reflection of who we are.

To lead a division well, we try to start with wins, say thank you, and have fun when we are together. We use our strengths to contribute and ask for the strengths of others to round us out. We overcome obstacles together. We strive to set, express, and evaluate clear expectations.

Leadership is a journey, and each of us is the master of our own journey.


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